Sodium Sulfide Flakes

We produce high quality sodium sulfide (Na2S) for applications across a broad spectrum of industrial sectors. It has applications in the manufacture of pulp/paper and textiles, in water treatment and the leather trade for the sulfuration tanning extracts and the removal of hair from hides.

Other applications include:

  • Sulfonation and sulfomethylation in chemical manufacturing;
  • The production of rubber chemicals, sulfur dyes and other chemicals such as dyes and detergents;
  • Ore flotation and oil recovery
  • Food preservatives


  • Our product can be shipped globally as required
  • Packaging – 50Kg HDPE Bags
  • Minimum order 1 FCL (21 MT)


General Specifications

Sodium Sulphide Specification

Sodium Sulfide – Yellow Flakes

Yellow sodium sulphide

Sodium Sulfide – Red Flakes

Red sodium sulphide

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