Quinoa, Colombia – variety (sweet)

Colombian Coal Australia Pty Ltd is privileged to be able to offer non-GMO, organic QUINOA from a producing cooperative in equatorial Colombia. We are pleased to be able to offer consumers the unique qualities of this superfood grain.

We have sourced Colombian sweet QUINOA of the highest quality and production standards from planting through to export. High emphasis is placed on clean production methods and safe agricultural practices.

Our QUINOA is easy to prepare, with a pleasant odour and taste. Suitable for consumption in its natural state in soups and the like, low saponins make it ideal for flour milling and/or for processing into baked goods and protein rich, value-added foods. Our Quinoa does not require onerous rinsing, has a creamy colour and is free of impurities and broken and dark grains.

Sweet Varieties

We offer two varieties of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa):


Grains are between 1.68 mm and 2.00 mm approximately in diameter, creamy white in colour and circular in shape.

Tunkaguan and Aurora are classified as sweet varieties and have very low levels of saponins. Saponin is a bitter compound associated with many plants including peas, soybeans, sorghum and other varieties of quinoa. Being very low in saponins makes this quinoa well suited for milling and further processing into other value added products such as protein supplements, energy foods and baked goods.

Tunkaguan and Aurora are also recognized for their high nutritional value. Typical protein content is between 12 to 16%. This quinoa also provides essential bioavailable minerals (calcium, iron and phosphorus) and natural vitamins, especially A, C , D, B1, B2, B6, folic acid (vitamin another group B) and niacin enabling consumers to achieve recommended daily allowances making this quinoa very attractive for human consumption.

Bulk Quinoa Packaging and Availability

Exported in 25kg multi-wall paper bags for milling, processing and/or repackaging.

Minimum 60 tonnes (potentially 80 tons) is available for immediate shipment gradually increasing up to maximum availability of 120 tons per month.

Sweet Quinoa

Quality Control and Nutrition

From the harvesting and accumulation of raw grain to the finished product, every process ensures the quality of each batch. The process begins in fields Narino where the QUINOA grain is hand grown and harvested by many small producers. After threshing, the grain arrives at our facilities where it undergoes cleaning, screening, scarifying or grinding, washing, centrifugation, drying and optical sizing and selection to obtain pearl grain QUINOA ready for human consumption.



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