Other Commodities – Tantalite Ore

Contract terms


Supply contract duration is 24 months.

Please see below for pricing and details.

CIF terms also available. Please advise destination (receiving) port.

Supply Logistics

 Supply capability is up to 30,000 metric tons per month. First shipment (test) delivery of five (5) metric tons.

DESCRIPTION:Tantalite Ore – min 39% Ta2O5.
PACKING:40 kg bags in 20 feet containers.
QUANTITY:725 metric tons (+/- 10%) to be shipped in 25 lots:

• One (1) trial delivery of five (5) Metric Tons +/- 10 % delivery tolerance, at SELLER’s option;

• Twenty-four (24) deliveries of thirty (30) Metric Tons +/- 5 % delivery tolerance, at SELLER’s option.

UNIT CIF PRICE:Price (USD/kg) CIF one safe port, to be notified

= (equals)

Reference Index (USD/lb)

x (times)

Conversion factor to USD/kg (lb/kg)

x (times)

Ta2O5 content (%)

In which:

·           “Reference Index (USD/lb)” shall be the Asian Metal index for Tantalum Concentrate Ta2O5 30% min CIF China, expressed in USD/lb. This index being issued in the daily publication “Asian Metal – www.asianmetal.com”. The Reference Index for each delivery shall be the average index for the month preceding the month of the date of emission of the Commercial Invoice by the SELLER.

·           “Conversion factor to USD/kg (lb/kg)” shall be 1/0,45359237 = 2,20462262 lb/kg.

·           “Ta2O5 content (%)” shall be the actual Tantalum Pentoxide mass composition of the Product, expressed in mass percentage of the Product. This mass percentage shall be determined as registered in the Certificate of Sampling and Analysis for the delivery.


PAYMENT TERMS:Payment will be 100% in USD and guaranteed by an irrevocable letter of credit issued by a first class bank acceptable as first bank by the Seller, confirmed by any of their corresponding European bank acceptable by the seller, payable by negotiation at sight, against usual shipping documents.

The L/C must be received in order and fully workable at the counter of the Seller’s bank.

COMPETENT COURT AND APPLICABLE LAW:The Paris Court of Arbitration, French Law, ICC rules.


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