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Colombia Investment Climate

Before the new millennium, the mainstream image of Colombia in the international stage was one that depicted a disintegrating nation torn apart by guerrillas and drug traffickers. But in just a decade, Colombia has transformed itself into one of the fastest-growing countries in Latin America. Given Colombia’s low inflation, conservative economic policies and thoughtful management, observers and economists are finding a lot to like about the country these days and many expect this growth to continue. The challenges that remain are typical of many rapid-growth economies: they involve logistics (i.e. infrastructure) and prudent, strategic choices.

As befits a country at the heart of Latin America, Colombia has learned from the region’s other leading economies. Colombia has grasped the value of free trade agreements and is in the process of negotiating still more. The Colombian government has gained a sense of itself and how it can use its influence to foster commerce. The director of the International Monetary Fund in December 2012 described Colombia’s macroeconomic situation as “positive and promising” after visiting the country.

Given Colombia’s low inflation, conservative economic policies and thoughtful management, the IMF and other observers are finding a lot to like about the country these days. So are investors and foreign investment in Colombia continues to grow as the world rediscovers a country that many global businesses once write off.  What once looked like the middle of nowhere now looks like the middle of everything. Colombia offers not only a stable economy but also geographic proximity to both Latin America and the US.

Even as more direct investment arrives in Colombia, more Colombian companies are starting to look abroad for new sources of business.  Although the Colombian economy is still skewed heavily toward commodity exports, businesses are rapidly diversifying as their confidence and experience grows.

Colombia’s inherent strength in natural resources makes it an obvious choice for international resources investors. In recent years, Colombia has risen quickly in the worldwide scales for coal exports, ferronickel production, and interest generated in mining exploration. Projects that are under execution indicate that this positive evolution will continue in the future. Colombia has extensive coal reserves (the largest in South America), with close to 70 million metric tonnes (MT) is ranked fourth among world coal exporters, after Australia (252 MT), Indonesia (203 MT), and Russia (101 MT). In steam coal, Indonesia ranks first, followed by Australia, Russia and Colombia. Moreover, the Cerromatoso mine produces close to 4% of the total world production of nickel with one of the lowest operational costs and the mine at Cerrejon is one of the largest open pit coal mines in the world.

In addition to Colombia’s abundant coal and mineral reserves, the country has productive petroleum reserves, significant but largely untapped natural gas reserves, and extensive hydroelectric resources. A large amount of potentially productive oil and natural gas areas remain unexplored. Demand for energy (petroleum, natural gas, and electricity) is expected to grow 3.5% per year through 2020.

As highlighted above, the mining sector and infrastructure development both have real potential for growth and further expansion. The mining sector holds golden opportunities for investors as much of the country is yet to be subjected to vast exploration, leaving an immense potential for future development. The Colombian government recognises international investors are a crucial part of the growth and success of Colombia’s exploration and mining industry. Colombia welcomes foreign investment with an open and stable mining regulatory environment. A foreign investment law guarantees the security of foreign and domestic investments. Furthermore, Colombia is consistently undertaking measures to improve its business climate to attract more investment. We invite you to contact us with your questions and we wish you all the best with your mining investment


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