Barite Powder

Barite Powder

We are a large manufacturer, supplier and worldwide bulk exporter of  API 13A drilling grade barite powder. Our barite is single origin direct from government-owned and operated mines in Andhra Pradesh. We supply consistent quality, international grade, shipped on time at best prices. Contact us for an estimate.

 Our product can be ordered to the following specifications:

  • Specific gravity available – 4.2, 4.1 or 3.9
  • Mesh specification as required
  • 25kg bags, 50kg bags or 1MT Jumbo bags
  • Can be shipped globally as required – CPT any port (or other terms)
  • Also available FOB Chennai


  • The majority (85%) of mined barite is used as weighting agent for drilling fluids or muds. The non-magnetic properties of this material make it useful for this purpose as it does not interfere with the magnetic measurements of the bore hole during drilling.
  • Barite is primarily used in rotary drilling as it increases mud density while maintaining low solids to help control formation.
  • It is used in the manufacture of building materials such as bricks and blocks for radiation shielding, i.e. hospitals and laboratories
  • It is also used as paint and plastic
  • It is used as a pigment for paper, textiles & paint.
  • In the medical industry, barium meals are fed to patients before undergoing a gastrointestinal CT scan.
  • It is also used for making smooth and corrosion resistant coatings for vehicles

Drilling Grade Barite (API 13A-4.2 Specific Gravity)


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