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Strong demand for precious and base metals has driven growth, expansion, and exploration for minerals and metals in North and South American mining industries. It’s an exciting and opportune time for the mining sector. Mining companies and developers will have to address several opportunities and challenges including – resource nationalism, rising costs and the sociopolitical and indigenous environment.

Colombian Coal Australia Pty Ltd focuses exclusively on the commercial aspects of mining and resource-related infrastructure projects in Latin America and Asia Pacific. With a wide network of blue chip contacts including mine owners, developers, investors, we can facilitate successful entry and easy access to Latin American resources and resource-related project opportunities in mining, oil & gas, ports as well as resource and civil infrastructure.for mining equipment, technologies and services (METS) companies and global providers of engineered and technological solutions (EPCM).

Colombia outlook

Colombia is the largest producer and exporter of coal in Latin America.

Colombia has been producing gold for centuries and also produces other commodities such as coal, nickel and copper. Exploration has grown tremendously in the first decade of the 21st century and areas with mining titles boomed from 2.8 million acres to 21 million acres. Between April and June 2011, flows of foreign direct investment in Colombia reached US$3.4 billion, of which US$2.4 billion was related to the mining and energy sector: $US2.8 billion from oil and US$911 million from mines and quarries. Some of the major investors and producers in mining in Colombia are Cerrejon, Drummond, Glencore and Cerro Matoso.

“Colombia is preparing itself in every way by improving human capital, infrastructure, competitiveness and macroeconomic management.”

Claudia Jiménez, Head of Industry Group “Gran Escala”

The Colombian mining industry accounted for US$4.8 million or 4.9% of the GDP growth and represented 23.7% of the country’s exports. Non-metallic minerals represent 24.4% of the value of mining gross domestic product (GDP), growing 6.1% annually over the past decade.

Up until 2012, Colombia did not have a solid institution that promotes and supports the mining industry. However, that changed with the launch of the National Agency for Minerals (ANM). The agency has major functions such as recruitment, evaluation and technical studies, performing audits and collections, transforming the geological services to enhance and improve exploration and ensuring the creation of sustainable mining practices. The goal of the ANM is to increase the mining sector’s growth rate to 9.5% from 3.3% and increase its share of GDP which would generate US$12 billion in royalties by 2020.


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