Colombian Coal Australia Pty Ltd

Colombian Coal Australia Pty Ltd is a niche consulting and business facilitation firm focused on mineral and agricultural commodities as well as the commercial aspects of mining projects in Latin America and Asia. With a wide network of contacts, we assist producers, international investors and relevant international technology providers to access new markets. Our specialities are business development, market expansion and cross-border trade and investment.

What we do

Identify, evaluate and execute

Identifying, evaluating and executing business opportunities in the Asia Pacific and Latin America, particularly in Colombia.

Attract investment

Facilitate investment into project opportunities.


Negotiate commodity sales specialising in longer-term contracts.


Create strategies to facilitate market entry.


Guidance with meeting regulatory requirements.


Assist in cross-cultural negotiations and relationship building.


Advise on joint venture and alliance structures.

Our Approach

Our strengths lie in our approach and the breadth of our networks in Asia and Latin America. In all of our dealings, we believe that creating lasting, sustainable business relationships is the key to long-term success.  We endeavour only to do business with reputable and proven commodities producers and project owners seeking either trade partners, joint venture partnerships, investment or funding opportunities in order to advance their projects.


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Carlos Bonilla

Carlos Bonilla

Managing Director
Carlos is the Managing Director of Colombian Coal Australia. He has been involved in business management for over 21 years, having successfully run 2 private companies in Colombia before founding Colombian Coal Australia in 2014. He acquired specialist mining business development experience in Colombia and frequently assisted tenement owners looking to attract investors and technology partners in order to progress to the production phase.
Ulla von der Decken

Ulla von der Decken

Operations Manager

Ulla is the Operations Manager for Colombian Coal Australia. She has a background in the financial services industry, specializing in compliance.